What's In Your Truck?

What’s In Your Truck?

Well, it looks like we’re rounding the final turn here at Be Prepared to Stop, and in the next few weeks we’ll come to the end of this amazing journey. Even though there’s still work to be done, we find ourselves thinking back to all the people who helped us explore the world of highways and trucks and regulations and new technology.

Capillya Uptergrove, Maverick USA


As we traveled, some old technology – a children’s book called “What’s in my Truck” by Linda Bleck – became our talisman, our good luck charm that we shared at the end of each of our shoots around the country. Crew members would pick a page, pick a flap, and open it to see what was in the truck they chose. It was a little silly, but it was also a way to cement the new friendships that formed when we tossed a group of strangers into production vans in city after city. After long days of loading and unloading, setting up and striking, sunshine and snow, lifting a flap to discover llamas or ice cream sundaes or tropical fish guaranteed a smile every time.



Matt Martens, Little Rock


We’ll be posting all the photos soon, but we wanted to share a few here. We’d love for you to share with us some of your what’s-in-my-truck memories. What’s the best thing you ever hauled in your big rig? What’s the best package you received? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll keep you posted as we wrap things up!





Aidan Gray, Washington, DC


Jeff Kaufer, everywhere











Author: Marijane Miller

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