Our Own Texas Two-Step

Our Own Texas Two-Step

On Tuesday this week we had the pleasure of presenting the film at the Irving Transportation Investment Summit. The Texas weather was surprisingly tolerable while everyone at the conference was pleasantly warm and welcoming. The screening was followed by a short but informative discussion moderated by the Administrator of the Texas division of the Federal Highway Administration, Al Alonzi. He asked me a question Executive Producer Jennifer Clymer and I get asked often: “Why make this film?” There’s a complex answer that touches on social good, politics, fascinating people, and important information, but the simple reply is always that Jennifer and I just wanted people to grasp just how dependent they were on the “ribbon of highway” that connects us all.


The other panelist was Allan Rutter of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, one of the most respected transportation research and education programs in the US. Allan did a little crystal ball gazing (based, of course, on reams of data) predicting the shift away from individual trucks to platooning in non-urban areas of the country. We’ll be interested to find out what drivers think of that when we’re at the Great American Trucking Show next week.


Oh, yeah, that’s right! We’re goin’ to GATS! We’ll be screening the film and popping up popcorn in Ballroom C on Friday and Saturday.


Friday, August 25th

VIP Screening
Please email us to request a seat for this screening
Followed by a panel discussion with:
Todd Spencer, Executive Vice President, OOIDA
Allan Rutter, Freight Mobility Division, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Brad Bentley, President, FASTPORT


Saturday, August 26th

General Screenings
11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm
All seating is first come, first serve


You’re coming, right? Please be sure to come by and say hello. And save some barbecue for us!



Author: Marijane Miller

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