The Next Leg of Our Journey

The Next Leg of Our Journey

What a week!

The film is now available on Amazon! We hope you’ll watch it soon and start spreading the word about the important issues impacting our infrastructure and the transportation industry. However, unlike many films, documentaries tend to be a marathon, not a sprint. We will continue to roll out the film (soon to be on iTunes) and show it to interested groups and organizations as a grassroots effort to inform and engage the American public.


Earlier today, Marijane Miller and I had the honor of being on the Dave Nemo Show on SiriusXM Road Dog Channel. We spoke about the complexities of this issue and the fact that this film is endorsed by OOIDA, who are having their board meeting right now. It was a great interview and we appreciated having the platform.


Last Sunday our narrator/producer, Yvette Nicole Brown, was on MSNBC talking about the film on AM Joy with Joy-Ann Reid. It was our first bit of national TV exposure. We were flattered that Joy expressed such enthusiasm for the film and the topics it tackles.


So what happens next? You buy or rent the film (and please rate it). Tell you friends about it. Let people know that this investment of an hour of their time will help build an understanding around why our nation’s infrastructure is worth our investment as well. Together we can begin a journey towards appreciating all the moving elements that are in place for us to enjoy the lives we have.



Author: Jennifer Clymer

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