So Many Stories

So Many Stories

One of the best things about working on Be Prepared to Stop is that every story we hear leads to three more stories, which lead to even more stories. The freight transportation universe is complex, challenging, funny, intimidating, smart, frightening, and absolutely fascinating. We have stayed awake many nights struggling to rein in this multi-dimensional topic, but we have never, ever been bored!


We recently came across a series of articles on Pacific Standard magazine that reflects that wide range of stories found in the crazy world of trucking. Each story has a unique point of view that adds its own piece to the bigger puzzle of what it’s like to be a commercial vehicle operator.


(infographic: Shaye Anderson)


Take a look and let us know what you think. And, as always, keep telling your stories!

The Dark Underbelly of Truck Stops
The Trucker as an American Hero in Songs
The Trucking Subculture of Dekotora
The Uphill Battle for Minorities in Trucking
Trucking’s Billion-Dollar Cargo Theft Problem
What Life on the Road Will Do to You


Author: Marijane Miller

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