You’re ready to DO something. You’re ready to do SOMETHING. You’re READY.


So, what next? Easy peasy. Click on our “Take Action” link on the BePreparedToStop.org site and check out the tips and tools on how to:

Send a Message
Includes links to representatives’ social and email contact info!)

Talk to Power
(Step by step. You can do it!)

Join Together
(There’s strength in numbers!)


Communicating with the people who can fix your roads and improve highway safety may seem daunting, but remember, they really want to know what you think. You elected them. They are literally working for you. Or they would be if they knew what it is you want. You gotta tell ‘em. So, let’s go!


Social media, emails, petitions, city council meetings, protests… even old-fashioned, hand-written, use-an-actual-stamp letters. They all work and you can do it.


Take a look at our suggestions and then let us know what you do. Or let us know what you’ve done and how it worked out. We don’t mean to sound flippant or disrespectful, but we’re not trying to solve world peace here. Safe, well-maintained, efficient roads are attainable. This is absolutely something that we can fix. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something really get done? It’s time to get started.



Author: Marijane Miller

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