John Oliver Nails the Perfect Movie Trailer (for us, at least)

John Oliver Nails the Perfect Movie Trailer (for us, at least)

Time for a “Be Prepared to Stop” production update, don’tcha think?


We’re barreling towards the home stretch as we continue to edit our tale of pothole politics and the indispensible-yet-ignored interstate highway system. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with so many passionate people about the state of our union of roadways, and we’ve enjoyed sharing some of their thoughts in two recent short videos.


Lately, we’ve started thinking about things like, “what will our movie poster look like?” And “what’s the best way to distribute the film?” And “I wonder what it would be like to sleep for more than a few hours each night?” But one of the most fun “I wonders” is, “I wonder what our movie trailer will look like?” It’s been something we’ve toyed with ever since seeing John Oliver’s fantastic piece on the Highway Trust Fund. In it, he imagines the best infrastructure movie trailer EVAH. The whole piece is fabulous and the glorious trailer-that-should-be starts at about 17:35. 



Of course, Oliver’s movie deals with imaginary infrastructure that only needs maintenance. Be Prepared to Stop deals with the reality that a lack of maintenance year after year after year has left us with disaster movie type consequences looming on the horizon. Hang onto your (hard) hats!


Author: Marijane Miller

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