Getting Truck-Blocked in the Parking Lot

Getting Truck-Blocked in the Parking Lot

So, this morning I was so irritated because I couldn’t get into the 7-11 parking lot. I mean, I needed my Diet Mountain Dew for goodness’ sake, and I needed it now! Stupid truck. Blocking the whole parking lot and making me drive around the corner to park on the street. On the street! Like a nobody! I am a Valley Village 7-11 platinum member, people, do not make me park more than 10 feet from the Slurpee machine!


Yeah, I know, I’m working on a documentary about the Interstate Highway System and freight transportation. I love me some big trucks. But <insert whine> I was in a hurrrrrry. 


Just a reminder that we all can forget that a little inconvenience – even at a convenience store – means more Diet Dew and I-totally-forgot-I-needed milk for everyone. Try not to be like me the next time a big truck is in your way. Instead, be a little impressed that the driver could even get into that tiny parking lot. (If you see the driver, be sure to #THANKaTRUCKER)


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Author: Marijane Miller

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