From DC to Hagerstown and Back Again

From DC to Hagerstown and Back Again

Be Prepared to Stop was given a warm welcome at both ends of a recent trip to the Mid-Atlantic area. First stop was a terrific screening hosted by the APICS DC Metro Chapter. We walked into Kaplan University in Hagerstown, MD, and immediately smelled barbecue – always an excellent sign! Then we got to meet some of the terrific people who support APICS and we knew we were in for a great evening. After some conversation and ribs, we watched the film and followed up with a spirited discussion. Every time we show the film we are awed by the passion and energy freight transportation folks have for the subject. They all want better roads for their co-workers and their families.


A few days later, we were thrilled to see an article featuring our documentary in the Washington Post! Richard Read’s Car Connection column emphasized the safety issues that are endangering millions of people driving on US interstate highways every day. A reminder that as the White House delays and Congress squabbles over a desperately-needed infrastructure bill, people are dying on our overcrowded, poorly-maintained roads.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on roads and bridges and taxes and safety and autonomous vehicles and flying cars and solar powered roadways and everything else that impacts your daily commute and how your stuff gets to you.


Add a comment below, or send us an email. While you’re at it, drop your representative a line. It’s time to speak up!

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Author: Marijane Miller

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