Five Days Without a Truck (Video)

Five Days Without a Truck (Video)

As we begin showing our film to small groups of friends, family, and advocates for better, safer highways, one thought keeps being voiced at the end of the film: “I never thought about it like that.” Whether it’s realizing you don’t drive as safely around big trucks as you should; or that you never noticed how many bridges/overpasses you cross every day; or just how cracked some of your main highways are; or that one of the reasons there are so many trucks on the roads is that everything comes on a truck. “I didn’t realize…” is a common refrain at the conclusion of every screening.


To remind us of just how vital our interconnected highway system and the trucks that use them are to our everyday existence, we put together a video that includes graphics featured in our film highlighting what happens when the trucks stop rolling.

Five days without a truck is an unlikely scenario.


Until a hurricane hits and a large number of people are cut off from the surrounding area.


Please share this with anyone you know who “doesn’t realize” just how indispensible good, safe, maintained roads are to their way of life.



Author: Marijane Miller

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