Extra! Read All About It!

Extra! Read All About It!

Stop the presses! Oh, wait, no! Keep ‘em rolling!


We have been so overwhelmed by the amount of – and variety of – media coverage we have received around the launch of the film on Amazon.com last week. National and local television, radio, online publications… we’re so thrilled that such a wide variety of media and audiences are excited about Be Prepared to Stop.


We’ve put many of the stories on our website media page. Take a look!


The condition of our interstate highway system and the way we pay for its maintenance and repair is a complicated subject. Many people and organizations with many, many points of view have been talking about it for years. You’ll hear a variety of opinions in the movie and hear a variety of reactions from folks who have seen it.


We’d like to hear from YOU. What are your concerns about the state of our roads and bridges? What did you think of how we presented those issues in the film? What do you think needs to happen next? Talk to us. We want to spread this conversation across the country until our representative are finally forced to take positive action for change.



Author: Marijane Miller

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