A Long and Winding Road Ahead

A Long and Winding Road Ahead

One of the first things a documentary filmmaker learns to let go of is anything resembling a predictable schedule. Trying to capture a story as it unfolds can be tricky, so we’ve had to roll with things as they come our way here at Be Prepared to Stop.


Last week we were supposed to be in beautiful Portland, Oregon, talking to people about infrastructure and congestion along the I-5. Instead, we had to postpone a few weeks (see you in August, Voodoo Doughnut!), which left us with a bit of time to jump into another kind of traffic – social traffic.


Transparency and clarity are vital when telling a story as complex and layered as this one. Online interaction through social media, websites, blog posts, and photo and video sharing helps ensure we hear more than just one side of any issue. It also helps when it comes to developing an audience for the finished film. We knew we needed a little direction to help us build traffic on the social media highway.



StudioGood President Joey Leslie


StudioGood Program Manager Brittany Garcia

So, we spent the day at StudioGood in San Luis Obispo soaking up all their strategies for keeping our current and future supporters informed about what we’re doing and why. StudioGood built this website and will continue to expand it as we move towards completion and distribution of the film. They’re helping us use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so we can open lines of communication to you and people like you who care about the challenges facing the freight transportation system.


We hope you’ll join us on whatever platform you like best, and keep an eye out as we add other ways of sharing our stories. One thing for sure, there’s no telling what will happen next!


Author: Marijane Miller


  1. Marijane Miller says:

    Thanks, Sally!

  2. Sally C. says:

    A favorite project!

  3. Brittany Garcia says:

    Thanks for coming up to visit us!! See you soon.

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