A Great Night in St. Paul

A Great Night in St. Paul

We were so ready for cold weather. When we left Los Angeles it was in the high 80s with no real break in sight. But our too-warm weather worries would soon be over because we were off to the great state of Minnesota where we expected to need our long johns and nose warmers. But those crafty folks in St. Paul rigged it so it was crisp, clear, sunny, and just cool enough for sweaters (i.e., perfect). No tobogganing for us this trip, but what a terrific screening!



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Our new friends at Truck Writers invited us to bring the film to the Minnesota History Center theater on November 10th. They also invited a group of people from the freight transportation world to join us for a reception, screening, and question-and-answer session afterwards. We were pleased that so many attended and that they were fired up when the film concluded.


No matter the make up of any audience to whom we’ve shown this film, there are always questions, always concerns, always challenges. Why did we tell the story in that way? Why did we leave this out? Why did we put that in? Why wan’t more emphasis placed on this most important aspect? We always try to explain that the complexity of the issue of good, safe, efficient highways kept us on our toes, trying to include a variety of points of view and a certain level of detail without – to be honest – boring a general audience. The point, we always say, is to start the conversation, especially among folks to whom this is all brand new information.


Which is exactly what is happening, and we’d like to keep that conversation going. If you have a group or organization that you think would be interested in seeing the documentary, please email us at info@bepreparedtostop.org. We’d love to meet you. Weather permitting, of course!


Author: Marijane Miller

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