A Few Truckers Made Me Very Happy the Other Night

A Few Truckers Made Me Very Happy the Other Night

One late evening this past January I found myself overjoyed, thanks to a few truck drivers. I was literally pacing around my home trying to figure out who to call to share my joy with. I live on the West Coast and my family is all back East – it was too late to call them!! Who to call?! Who to call!!?… my producing partner, my directing partner and friend, Marijane Miller. She is not always happy to get a late night call from me, because it is now normally about some schedule thing or new idea I have for the film. One night I called her and just said, “Pants! The answer is pants! We need to use that in the film.” You’ll have to wait to see the movie to see how we did. However, I digress.


Here’s the story I got to share with her.


That particular night a box was waiting for me at my front door. I hadn’t ordered anything. I’m not much of a shopper, frankly. So I went inside first, put my purse and gym bag down and went back out to retrieve said mystery box.


It was relatively light, so I really had no idea what it could be. It was 4” in height and probably 10”x10” square.


As I peeled back the tape I managed to open one flap and I lost my breath. Inside was an early birthday present from my nephews in New Jersey. I saw the familiar glint of the metal badge first. It was a Kate Spade badge, (as I start to hyperventilate) It was THE Kate Spade bag.


KateSpade_AI live in Los Angeles and my birthday is in February – so I was completely caught off guard. In November my sister-in-law had overheard me mention how much I would love a Kate Spade bag, but that my priority was to spend the kind of “play money” on travel to get home to see the family. Maybe this year, if I did well with my taxes, I would consider getting a Kate Spade bag… Maybe.


But now I didn’t need to. They had gotten me the perfect gift. It was exactly what I wanted. I had never been so happy with a material gift.   Again – I’m not a shopper. For me, the gift of tickets, or special moments were what brought that kind of joy… but not on that night in January. I had my little black Kate Spade purse bringing that glee.


Then Mj – after listening patiently – said, “Who do you have to thank for that lovely box at your door.”

“My nephews (pictured below) signed the cardKateSpade_A_Note – but I know that this was all Nicole. She is so thoughtful.”

“No, Jennifer. You get to #ThankATrucker.”

That truth triggered even more laughter.

Mj was right; again.


When I stopped to think about all the people who were involved with that one moment of giddy joy, of me hopping about my living room, I count at least eight truck drivers. It goes from the person who brought the box to my door to the person who brought the materials to the factory to fabricate the purse.

I am grateful to them all.


My nephews: Cole, Cody and Caleb

Author: Jennifer Clymer

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