The Transportation Investment Summit

The Transportation Investment Summit

We are so pleased to have been invited to participate in the Transportation Investment Summit in Irving, Texas, August 15 & 16. Every year, the City of Irving brings together “… innovative leaders and stakeholders from the transportation, water and economic development industry to convene with government officials at the local, state and federal levels.” It’s basically a chance for the people who are figuring out how to pay for everything get together to try and find some workable solutions. Sounds like a good idea to us. Be Prepared to Stop is all about spreading the word about the need for non-partisan, multi-tiered methods to fund our interstate highways.


After the screening on Tuesday afternoon, August 15th, there will be a short panel discussion including Al Alonzi, Division Administrator, Texas Division of the Federal Highway Administration, and Allan Rutter. Division Head of the Freight Mobility Division at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. In a state with nearly 54,000 bridges (more than any other state, by far) and some of the worst truck bottlenecks in the country (6 in the top 25), these are people who understand the challenges we’re all facing. It promises to be a fascinating conversation and we’re looking forward to showing the film to attendees and hearing their ideas.


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Author: Marijane Miller

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