Ruben O’Malley

Be Prepared To Stop

Director of Photography

Ruben O’Malley is a cinematographer and director, known for work in documentaries and commercials. He’s very pleased to be a part of the solution with Be Prepared To Stop, and he hopes the film will activate all Americans to demand a country and infrastructure that will work for them. Showfolk, his recent award-winning film for director Ned McNeilage and executive producer Jennifer Clymer, has been recognized around the country for its portrait of the residents of the Motion Picture & Television Fund retirement community. O’Malley’s film Tiny Giant tells the story of Jeff Steinberg, a severely disabled gospel performer singing for his supper on a constant tour. In addition, O’Malley has shot for numerous PBS projects (Jerusalem: Center of the World, Armenian Genocide) and IFC’s highest rated projects – Indie Sex and Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema. His commercial work with director Sam Cadman has won numerous awards at Cannes. Recently he was on the set with Louie CK as a part of the Horace & Pete crew, and followed that up with work for Hyatt Hotels in Asia and the US.