Paying for Better Roads

Paying for Better Roads

It always comes down to that, doesn’t it? How will we pay for a modern system of roads that can support the millions of cars and trucks currently overwhelming our highways? Repair, upgrade, maintain, repeat. Year after year. This isn’t a one-time deal that we can check off our list and move on. And we can’t pass it off to someone else. We use the roads every day. Companies use the roads every day to bring us our stuff. We share the roads, so sharing the costs seems reasonable. But boy, oh boy, just try having a reasonable conversation about taxes these days!

Will it be a gas tax, a barrel tax, a vehicle miles traveled tax, tolls… ? A combination? You can be part of that decision. Your representatives and lawmakers will listen. CLICK HERE to find your rep’s contact info.



Featuring (in order of appearance)
— Governor Bill Graves, President & CEO, American Trucking Associations
— Beth Osborne, Senior Policy Advisor, Transportation for America
— Earl Swift, Author, “The Big Roads”
— Malcolm Dougherty, Director, CalTrans
— Dr. Tracy Miller, Associate Professor of Economics, Grove City College
— Tilden Curl, Commercial Vehicle Owner-Operator
— Casey Dinges, Sr. Managing Director, American Society of Civil Engineers
— Todd Spencer, Exec. Vice President, Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association
— Steve Williams, Chairman & CEO, Maverick USA


Photo Credit: Alexander Nguyen

Author: Marijane Miller

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